Healthy Basket: Our In-School CSA!


Earth Heart Growers’ CSA:  “The Healthy Basket” allows families to have direct access to high quality, fresh produce locally grown and delivered directly to their homes by their children. The produce is grown by 3rd Generation local farmer: Joseph Fields.
The Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is managed, packaged and conveniently distributed at the schools by the students and is made available at the lowest cost possible. CCSD Montessori adolescents also learn about organic agriculture while developing culinary, building, crafting and business skills. All EHG programs are given to the students without any of the cost. This is possible because of people like you! who by enrolling in our CSA system is entering and supporting a community where we all win!
The early CSA payment enables the farmer to plan for the season, purchase new seeds, make equipment repairs and more! Joseph Fields Farm returns a percentage of the sales income to Earth Heart Growers, the non-profit organization that supports the gardening, culinary and science programs at the schools.
Note: CSA’s and Risk
Weather, pests and disease impact farming conditions, and as a CSA member you will share not just in the bounty but also in the risks farmers face in their jobs. In the case of inclement weather or some natural emergency, the Fields cannot be responsible for the crop loss. In more than twenty years of farming in the Charleston area, the Fields have never failed in a growing season; That said, Joseph Fields cannot guarantee the amount or quality of produce in your delivery in the event of inclement weather. Joseph Field will be happy to reschedule. We will keep you posted.
To know more about Joseph Fields Farm, please visit 
Full 2018 -19 school year CSA delivery dates:
  • February: 1st and 22nd
  • March:      1st and 12th
  • April:  5th and 26th
  • May:  3rd and 17th



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1 Month x 2 CSA Delivery, 2 Months x 4 CSA Delivery, 3 Months x 6 CSA Delivery, 5 Months x 10CSA Delivery, 6 Months x 12 CSA Delivery, Full Year CSA Delivery, Half Year x 8 CSA Delivery


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