Earth Heart Growers (EHG), a 501(c)3 community-centered non-profit organization and a force in the movement to renature our next generation youth. 

In participating schools, we introduce garden education, cooking instruction,

mindfulness, and Local Organic Farm Field Trips.


We are also proud to offer "The Healthy Basket" 

A local organic produce Delivery Program (CSA) 

in partnership with Joseph Fields Farm. 


EHG curriculum complements the existing educational system by meeting South Carolina standards with hands-on, outdoor learning opportunities that provide a re-immersion into the natural world.


We offer many different programs to prepare the youth for a challenging social and financial landscape by providing home education, in/after-school programs, encouraging our children to be successful and self-sustain as future adults.

We also provide different professional development opportunities for teachers and parents  with the "Garden Teacher Training" (12 DSS Hrs.) and,

"The Mindful Seed" workshop (5 DSS Hrs.).


Coming UP!

Garden Teacher Training

November, 14th and 15th

Charleston, SC

for the community 


Field trips

and school classroom Edu-visits!

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

The community starts here! Students and families from Charleston and North Charleston take action by supporting our 3rd Generation Gulllah Geeche organic family-owned farm in

Johns Island, SC.  


We are always looking for helpful volunteers to support us! Please reach out directly for details on how to join in.


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