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Fun Pan

Chefs in School

Fun Pan Program

Local chefs, family and teachers volunteer their time to partner with local students to teach healthy eating and cooking options.


It is an opportunity for students to learn valuable cooking skills and use the produce they grow within their own school garden and local CSA program.

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More than "Just cooking" 

Earth Hearth Growers cooking lessons develops an appreciation for cooking and nourishes the body. It also brings to practice the integration of other academics studies while having fun! 

The beauty of real experiences is that allows for learning and practice to happen both directly and indirectly. Students can link previous schemas learned in their classroom to a cooking class; 

measurement and sensorial experiences that support the understanding of mathematical concepts facilitates language 

and incorporate chemistry in one activity.


It also allows the students to connect the social and economical relations between the farm or garden, to their plates. 

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Healthy Plates + Happy Hearts

When you know you are doing right, it feels right, it has benefits!

Here are some of the benefits of eating local organic produce: 

1. Supporting local farmers and local food diversity.

2. Monitor where and how your food is grown. 

3. Reduce pesticides and herbicides improving the environment and, your health. 

4. Your money remains in your local economy, 

5. Encourages connections with the community. 

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