Growing Farmers

Organic Farming Education

Teaching Love


Joseph and Helen Field opened the doors to the farm,

in Johns Island to educate our 

most at-risk students from

North Charleston and Downtown Charleston.

The students began to have the opportunity to learn about organic agriculture back in 2015 when the idea of

Earth Heart Growers started.

"If is for the children, we are all about it"

is what the Fields said. 

 On the last few years, Joseph and Helen had become the most beautiful model of hard work, grit, perseverance, patience, and love for our title-one students and other public Montessori schools in West Ashely and James Island.

Earth Heart Growers initial program

"Adolescentes at the Farm"

was created to support the Montessori idea of

Erd-Kinder education, where Public Montessori adolescents could experience the farm work and develop other life skills while in the outdoors. 

At the farm Earth Heart Growers students are exposed to different activities like

building, cooking, managing, packaging and delivering the CSA program,  marketing, mindfulness, crafting and other art and cultural experiences like dancing,

drumming, and rhyming. 


"Life in the open air, in the sunshine, and a diet high in nutritional content coming from the produce of neighbouring fields improve the physical health, while the calm surroundings, the silence, the wonders of nature satisfy the need of the adolescent mind for reflection and meditation."  Dr. Maria Montessori.