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Local Community 

Working together for the highest good of all.



Beautiful things happen when we come together as a community to create a positive impact on our environment and to

prepare our youth.


Earth Heart Growers work in collaboration with other

local non-profits and business to help the environment and, the small business, and to offer children additional experiences that inspire adolescents to develop a healthy lifestyle.  


Different Middle schools spend time at "Mosquito Beach",

with the support and collaboration of Island Breeze Restaurant,

to do gardening and cooking.

They also help clean up the marshes, In collaboration with The Charleston Waterkeepers and learn new physical skills learning different water sports with Youth to Ocean another amazing non-profit organization of Charleston.  

Inspiring Experiences 


Earth Heart Growers students learn a new skill from the experts.

At Island Breeze, they had the chance o meet Tia Clark, a local crabber that thought our children her skills

"Crabbing with a Native".

Students had the opportunity to eat the fresh catch accompanied by the Jamaican food, Mr. Norman, restaurant's owner offered. 


Another local people that have shared their skill with the students at

"the beach" are;

Marcus Amaker - The Charleston Poet 

Nina Obani - Turn Up and Dance (African Dancing)

Daniel Scruggs - Rhythm Moves Live.     

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