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Mindful Seed

Mindful Tools for Children

Mindful Seed

In a fast-paced world full of social media and

 so much access to technology is easier to find oneself confused; unable to identify our

emotions and needs. 


Depression and anxiety are

very common in our children's life causing catastrophic experiences in the reality they perceive. 

MIndful Seeds provides a little time to decompress;

to teach our youth to reconnect to the breath, be mindful, and providing easy tools they can use on a daily basis, helping them to recognize their

physical and emotional changes and needs,

and supporting our young population to

develop their unique self in a healthy way. 

 Mindful Eating 

What are we eating? what food nourishes our body and spirit? what is the difference between fresh local organic food and other types of food? How do our fresh-picked vegetable taste like? what are the textures? what are the flavors? what is that smell? can we try something new? 

Earth Heart Growers educates young students in the importance of nourishing the body with fresh local organic produce. 

Students of different ages learn to grow their own produce at the garden or at the farm and are

more likely to try it and fall in love with new vegetables and fruits! 

We teach children about the body nutritional needs

sometimes with nutritional lessons, and other times with our "Fun Pan"

cooking program, 

Hands-on Healing

Wether is by having the hands on the soil, eating well, dancing, drumming or doing yoga,

Earth Heart Growers introduce children to different ways to develop a healthy mental, physical and emotional state of being. 


We incorporate yoga, dancing, rhyming and drumming both of our programs at the farm and at the school, by partnering up with other local organizations and businesses. 

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