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Connecting with the most-at-need world.

Sowing seeds around the world.


Earth Heart Growers dream is to be able to assist and educate the most at need community around the world in gardening, farming and helping them to develop the same entrepreneurial skills that we teach our children here in Charleston so they also can have access to tools to succeed. 

In 2017, Earth Heart Growers founder visited an Ethiopia organic farm, in Shashamane,

with her own financial efforts. 

She was astonished by the country's permaculture and respect for the earth.

She had the opportunity to see her local organic farmer friend: Abel Abebe win a farming contest. He had the best quality organic Teff, a type of wheat used to make injera, an Ethiopian bread served with most of their meals.


We made connections with this community in Shashamane, our founder introduce the women to yoga and meditation and, we continue to hope one day we will teach also be able to empower women and children in the area by teaching them different skills to help develop their community.




On 2018, our Liz Ramirez had the opportunity to share her garden curriculum "Flower Empower and Healthy Beans", same used by Earth Heart Growers, with Nkabom Montessori School. Efforts led by local Dr. Swenson,

Project Okurase founder. 

To learn more about project OKURASE

please visit

Connections with a Montessori school in Egypt have been also made. The school is interested in learning the gardening curriculum to start building the gardening programs and educating their children. 


One of the biggest dreams of our founder is to be able to teach the curriculum to indigenous communities of South America. She had the opportunity to visit her own country, Colombia, South America, this year, 2019 after 4 years of haven't seen her family, and had the opportunity to make connections with The Kogis:

"The Jaguars" a Native American tribe of the Tayronas' land. 

The vision is to have access to educate the youth, as they have very little access to education, adapting the curriculum to their traditions, supporting their education and, honoring and preserving their culture, 

that at the end, have so much to teach us as humans. 

Until now, we have been just sowing little seeds in some of these places around the world.

We hold on to the connections we made and, keep working hard for the time to make

Earth Heart Growers'

a reality in these communities. 

Sponsorships are greatly appreciated and our programs, training, events and CSA program are also a good way to contribute to making this dream happen in many more people's lives around the world.   

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