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Earth Heart Growers Team


Liz Ramirez

Founder and Executive Director

LIZ RAMIREZ is a teacher who graduated with honors in Colombia, South America, with 20 years of experience in teaching children, adolescents, and adults.

She got her Montessori certification in Charleston, SC in 2014 and, after finishing her internship at Hursey Montessori School, she found her passion by reconnecting with the soil at the Garden Classroom at Hursey and teaching children all ages, about the importance of organic farming and a healthy living lifestyle.


Responsible for the general direction and implementation of the programs Ramirez,  opened a bridge between the schools and a local organic farm. Supporting the oldest local organic farmer and creating awareness by CONNECTING THE YOUTH AND THE EARTH. Schools from all over the Charleston perimeter is now learning outdoors at Joseph Fields Farm in Johns Island, SC. 


During 6 years of teaching and programming, Liz had the opportunity to develop a garden curriculum: "Flower Empower and Healthy Beings". The curriculum is offered at Garden Teacher Trainings and includes standards of education in combination with Montessori Principles.  Garden Teacher Training and workshops have been a new successful experience in Liz's teaching career; she has delivered Garden Teacher Training and curriculum locally (US)  and internationally. 


Growing up in Colombia, South America being aware of nature and a minimalistic life and, teaching for most of her life gives Ramirez the confidence to educate a stronger, diverse and more connected community.


Joseph and Helen Fields 

JOSEPH FIELDS is a Full-time organic farmer, educator, and sole-proprietor of Joseph Fields Farm. He is a third-generation, Gullah-Geechee farmer, born and raised on John’s Island, SC, with over 45 years of experience running his farm.

Joseph and his wife Helen decided to switch to organic farming in 2006 after hearing the call, and considering the impact it would create for the remediation of local soil.
The Fields family is very well known in Charleston for their large hearts and strong work ethic. Joseph and Helen are registered with the SC Department of Agriculture’s Farm to School Program, and as of now, the sole Charleston farmers registered for “Healthy Bucks,” a government incentive program to encourage those on EBT and Food Stamps to buy fresh food from the farm. The Fields Family stands as a shining example of humility, service and hard work, and it is with great pride that they step into a new role of educating the children, in hopes of reconnecting inner-city youth with nature and establishing healthy habits that will last a lifetime.
One of Joseph’s favorite questions to ask the children is: “Who’s gonna grow your food?” Without a next generation of farmers, Joseph explains, “we won’t have food to eat. Everything, he says, even Twinkies!- comes in some way or shape from the farm”.

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